About Dental Implant
The Importance of Missing Teeth Restoration
What happens if missing teeth are not treated in time?
Displacement of adjacent teeth leads to occlusion disorder
Deformation of the dentition leads to a narrowing of the missing tooth space
Accelerate the absorption of alveolar bone in missing teeth
Diminished digestive system function due to difficulty in chewing
Do implant! That will be your best choice!
The Second permanent teeth-dental implant
How to perform dental implant surgery?
Regular checkups and management are very important to use implant for a long time
Various dental implant treatment methods
Single Tooth Restoration
Multiple Teeth Restoration for Edentulous
Immediate Loading
Implant Restoration with Sinus Lifting and Bone Grafting
Benefits of choosing dental implants
No damage to healthy adjecent teeth
Slow down the self-absorption of alveolar bone in missing teet
Enjoy the food with natural chewing
Permanent Lifetime
Restore natural chewing froce to prevent Alzheimer's disease
Natural smile & Comfortable Sensation
Dental implant Vs Bridge Vs Denture
Implant-Bring back your smile with no damage to adjacent teeth and same chewing force as natural teeth
Traditional Crown-Causing damage and pain in adjacent teeth
Denture-Increase the burden on adjacent teeth; Resorption of alveolar bone; Difficulty chewing hard foods.
5 advantages of LeadOss